With this quiz you will discover which of the Greek goddess archetypes best represents your personal leadership style and how you can refine and improve it to become, through working with your dominant archetype, a true revolutionary leader making a deep impact with her business.


Attention: this is not the usual dumb “find out which Disney princess you are” test but a powerful tool for introspection, dedicated only to women entrepreneurs and using the archetypes not as the usual shallow new age fluff but as the power model and the transformational tool that they can be to work on your leadership from a deeper perspective.

That’s why I recommend that you take the test with the right amount of time and attention: in order to get accurate results, it is essential that you answer each question with great sincerity, after weighing all the nuances of the proposed answers very carefully because this can make all the difference in your results.

You will notice that in some cases there will be several answers that can apply to your situation: in this case do not answer without thinking but, on the contrary, look inside yourself calmly and choose among the many statements the one that is truest of all for you now.

I recommend again you choose the true one, not the one you would like to be true, otherwise you the results you’ll get won’t be useful at all!


Once you’ve completed the quiz you’ll immediately discover what your dominant archetype is and you’ll be able to watch a short video to discover what are the main traits of the leadership style that’s embodied by your goddess – and you.

You will also have the opportunity, simply by entering your email, to access a richer version of the results, which includes a longer and more detailed educational video about your archetype and a beautiful workbook of over twenty pages containing exercises and more information, not only on your dominant goddess but also on other support archetypes you can work with to further improve your leadership.

Are you ready for this journey of deep introspection? Then take your time, pour yourself a big cup of your favorite beverage and go for it!