Join the revolution of women
building soulful businesses
& satisfying lives.

Because you fucking can.

Giada Carta Soulful Mentor

To all the hardworking, driven women with a dream

You already have everything it takes
to become a successful entrepreneur

You’re the type of person who achieves whatever you put your mind to. You’re creative, smart, and capable. You’re not afraid of hard work. And even if you have NO CLUE on how to start a business, with Google and a little guidance, you could probably figure it out.

But the hard part of entrepreneurship isn’t learning how to start a business. It’s learning how to build something sustainable that gives you more across the board.

More financial freedom. More flexibility and rest.
More passion and purpose.

You want success
that satisfies your soul.

And to get it, you’re ready to
disrupt the status quo.

Welcome to the place where:


Being your own boss doesn’t mean working 20 hours a day


You can be a strong leader and wear sweatpants


High productivity is not the answer…or even the goal!


Your inner voice and intuition matter as much as your mind


You stop following others and start leading yourself

Soulful Mentor is one-of-a-kind. It generates a deep and total transformation of your mindset. Giada will change your approach to business.
– Marta N.
After working with Giada, I now have a business that fully reflects and mirrors my constant evolutions as a human being.
– Giulia R.
In the last 5 years with Giada I reached all the big goals I wanted to realize. With Giada, you will be able to discover what you really want from your work and life, and make it a reality!
– Marta N.

What’s calling to you?

Soulful Vision

Find the business idea that aligns with your purpose

You know you want to do something different with your one wild and precious life. But…what does that look like, exactly? And how do you turn your gifts and talents into a thriving online business? You’ve got questions, and you need clarity. This is where you’ll find it.

Soulful Business

Build the online business that lights your soul on fire
You’re ready to build a business around what you love! But you don’t want to waste years sacrificing your life to make it happen. This 12-month training program gives you the mentorship and education you need to take confident steps toward success on your terms.

Soulful VIP Day

Grow and scale your business with intention
You’ve built a fulfilling foundation for your business. The next thing on your to-do list? Make an impact. When you’re ready to overcome obstacles to scale your business and grow into a confident CEO, this is the one-on-one guidance you need to chart your course forward.


Hi, I’m Giada Carta!

I’m not here to gain followers.

I’m here to train leaders.

I’ve helped over 1,500 women turn their passions into soulful businesses. And the one thing all my students have in common? They all do things differently.

That’s why I’m not here to give you my one-and-only path to success — there is no “one right way,” and to everyone who claims there is, I’m calling bullshit. Because this is about your dream. Your ideal lifestyle. Your meaning of success. I’m here to help you create your own unique path and strut down it as your most aligned self.

Giada Carta Soulful Mentor

“I’ve earned figures that I never would have imagined, and I can see clearly where I want to be ten years from now.”

Before I found Giada online, I was a music teacher with big ideas, but I didn’t have a plan or a long-term vision. I wanted to become a point of reference for music in Italy and learn how to use social media to spread my message to the world, but I knew pretty much nothing about marketing or business. I was simply teaching music lessons in school like my colleagues. I immediately felt comfortable with Giada: every “business word” was new to my ears, but she explained everything precisely and inspirationally. She helped me set up my business in an ethical way without losing my real work: I am still a music teacher! In the last 5 years with Giada, I’ve reached all the big goals I wanted to realize. I’ve expanded my work, I have earned figures that I never would have imagined and now I can see clearly where I want to be ten years from now. Giada is more than a business coach: she is my Soulful Mentor!

– Marta N.

“I recommend Giada to everyone who wants a business with soul.”

Before embarking on the path with Giada, I felt like I was split in two. There was the professional part of me and the private one, and I felt like the two parts couldn’t coexist or intersect. I loved my work, and I was very satisfied with the success I was achieving, but sometimes I felt like something was missing. I wanted to create something totally unique that only I could offer and was the full expression of my whole self. I chose to work with Giada because I saw the unique way she proposed a service that was proposed by so many. She has created a business that reflects her in every detail. I was fascinated by her way of working, and wanted to be able to create my own way of working as well. After working with Giada, I now have a business that fully reflects and mirrors my constant evolutions as a human being. I am doing what I do in the most unique and inimitable way possible, and that was the most important thing for me!

– Giulia R.

“The Soulful Business path is helping me understand what to do with my dream. I’m realizing I have a much greater power to choose my path than I thought.”

A career advisor recommended Soulful Mentor to me. I was already working as a freelancer, but I was very much at the mercy of others. I was always waiting for an opportunity to come, anxious to say yes to everything and everyone because “you never know”! I was also experiencing a great internal conflict because my biggest dream — to become a great actress — hadn’t come true. I followed Giada’s content for a good two years before enrolling in her course. I started with Soulful Time, and that opened the door to choosing to revolutionize the way I was working, starting from the roots with Soulful Business. Though my journey isn’t complete, I have a much greater grounding and compass to guide my professional choices. I am very clear about who my clients are, what my role is, why I do what I do, and I have a clear direction forward. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know I have the right tools to do so.

– Veronica

Women are leading
the next generation.
Ready to be one of them?